song poems (on lyrics by friends)


murdering the classics

featuring Geert Grote Kids singing for Mister Jan's 40th birthday

featuring Marcel van der Wulp:

Featuring Willeke Turkenburg (1963 - 2016) on piano

Met Willeke Turkenburg op accordeon

in opdracht van Alles-in-1 

in opdracht van De Muzerie, Zwolle

eerste keer Geert Grote School internationaal

The Stepping Stone Visit in een treincoupé, december 1988

various music for netlabels

for Kazoomzoom

for Oddio Overplay

for Comfort Stand Recordings, featuring Willeke Turkenburg

for WM-recordings

futher back in history

first composition, featuring Emiel Janmaat

first recording 1972: Jan en Erna Turkenburg (7) (recorder) en Marga Breij (8) (harpsichord)